Chevron: Stop Funding the #MyanmarMilitary

Starting this Friday, we are holding protests across the US to demand that Chevron stop bankrolling the Myanmar military. According to Myanmar Now, the Yadana pipeline project, owned by Chevron and Total, is still providing the junta with millions in revenue.

Today, in a solidarity message, 378 Myanmar civil society organizations thanked “our brothers and sisters in the USA” and stated further: “We, Myanmar civil society, support and stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the USA. We are with you in every step you take and every shout you give this weekend to fight for our democracy and human rights.”

So please join us in taking three crucial actions!

#1: Join our US day of action against Chevron

Starting on April 16 and 17, we will be kicking off our days of action to stop Chevron from bankrolling the Myanmar military junta. Join us at one of our initial actions!San Francisco Bay Area, California

Protest At the Chevron Headquarters

Friday, April 16, 11 am to 2 pm

Chevron, 6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd., San Ramon, CA

Washington, DC

Myanmar Solidarity Rally

Friday, April 16,at 3 pm

Chevron Lobbying Office, 600 13th Street NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20005

New York City

Myanmar Solidarity Action NYC

Friday April 16, 5 PM 290 Broadway, New York, NY

Denver, Colorado

Protest on 11th, but a letter delivered to the Chevron corporate office on Friday 4/16

Los Angeles, California

Marching for Justice In Burma

April 17, 2021; 11-2 pm

Pasadena City Hall, Garfield Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101

Houston, Texas

Save Myanmar Rally

Saturday, April 17, 1-4 pm

Chevron Building/Park, 1400 Smith St., Houston, TX 77002

Do you want to organize a demonstration at your local Chevron office or gas station? If so, contact Mike Haack at [email protected]

Like the Coalition Against Chevron in Myanmar Facebook page for up-to-date news and campaign materials.

If you can’t join us in person, sign our petition and post protests on Chevron’s social media.

And sign – and share with your friends – our petition to Chevron demanding that they stop bankrolling the Myanmar military.

#2: Tell President Biden to sanction Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE).

President Biden has already imposed sanctions on top military leaders and some military-owned companies. But it is vital that President Biden go further and impose sanctions on Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) as part of stopping oil and gas companies – such as Chevron, Total, Petronas, and Posco – from continuing to bankroll the Burmese military.

Sign our petition urging President Biden to take action to end the flow of money from foreign corporations to Myanmar’s military.

In the United States, we can often best pressure the Administration by building our support in Congress. It is your success in lobbying your Members of Congress to pass resolutions and bills that has prompted the Biden Administration to impose tough sanctions on the Myanmar military.

This week, we still need to tell our senators to co-sponsor Senate Resolution 105. Even if you’ve already contacted your senators, do it again for good measure.

Click here to email your U.S. senators to sponsor Senate Resolution 105.

#3: Ask your city or state to pass a resolution to end genocide

Last December, Dayton (Ohio) passed the world’s first resolution to end genocide worldwide. Inspired by this action, our supporters around the country, from Indiana to Texas to Florida, are lobbying their cities and their state to pass a similar resolution pressing companies to stop supporting governments engaged in genocide or crimes against humanity.

Read our No Business With Genocide campaign resource page more details about how you can help introduce a resolutions in your hometown.

If you’d like to explore lobbying your hometown, contact Simon Billenness at No Business with Genocide at [email protected]

We can and must build our pressure on Myanmar’s military. Your actions have moved your governments to take some actions and also successfully pressed companies, such as Facebook, Western Union, online jeweler Angara, and Kirin Brewing, to end their business partnerships with the Burmese military.Together, we can build our movement to end the Myanmar military’s corrupt and brutal rule.Thank you so much,

Simon Billenness, Executive Director, International Campaign for the Rohingya

For the International Campaign for the Rohingya: Debbie Stothard, Jack Rendler, Simran Stuelpnagel, Michael DeLong, Alyson Chadwick, Hannah Sussman, Mike Haack, and Adem Carroll.

And in the memory of our late co-founder and board chair emeritus, Joseph K. Grieboski.

ps. Your gifts will help us keep building the campaigns and tools that we need to take effective action together. Please click here to make a gift of $30, $60, $120, $250, or more.

For Further Reading:

How Oil and Gas Majors Bankroll the Myanmar Military Regime,” Justice For Myanmar, 8 February 2021

French Oil Giant Still Bankrolling Myanmar Junta,” Myanmar Now, 15 April 2021

Sanction Myanmar Military, Not Myanmar People,” Justice For Myanmar and Burma Campaign UK, 5 February 2021

How to squeeze Myanmar’s military without hurting its people,” Southeast Asia Globe, 12 February 2021

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