Chevron: Stop Bankrolling Violence in Myanmar!

April 16, Global day of action against Chevron

1. San Francisco Bay Area, California
Protest At the Chevron Headquarters
Friday, April 16, 11 am to 2 pm
Chevron, 6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd. San Ramon CA

2. Washington DC
Chevron Lobbying Office at 3 pm
600 13th ST NW, Suite 600
District of Columbia

3. Denver, Colorado
Protest on 11th, but a letter delivered to the Chevron corporate office on Friday

4. Houston, Texas
Save Myanmar Rally
Saturday, April 17, 1-4 pm
Chevron Building/Park
1400 Smith St., Houston Tx 77002

Protests are planned across the United States in multiple cities to pressure Chevron to stop paying the Myanmar military (about $150 million annually) through MOGE (Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise) for the revenue from the Yadana Gas Pipeline. We, therefore, encourage the United States Congress to sanction MOGE to formally stop such payment from Chevron.


We must stop the revenue stream to the military coup group to make sure the coup fails.Chevron has a free hand when it comes to doing business in Myanmar. It has never been stopped bringing hundreds of millions of dollars annually to Myanmar military dictators for nearly three decades and aiding brutal military oppression in Myanmar.That is because MOGE (Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise) has never been sanctioned by the US. Even after killing 700 people in Myanmar and the U.S. is saying we cannot allow the Myanmar coup to be successful, MOGE still is not in the Biden executive order’s list of sanctioned entities nor in the current US congress sanctions bills on Myanmar.We must change it and we must end Chevron’s stranglehold hold on the US congress.Let’s start with a Global Day of Action against Chevron on April 16.
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