Congress needs to produce and pass the Burma Bill

The Burma Bill needs your support

While the Burma Bill sits in limbo, the people of Myanmar need your help. It has been more than five months since the military took control in a violent coup on February 1, 2021. Since then, people all over the country have taken to the streets in a new #CivilDisobedienceMovement (CDM).

Meanwhile, the military has murdered more than 850 peaceful protesters and thrown many more in jail. It has cut the internet and arrested journalists. The only path forward for a peaceful and free Myanmar is for the international community, including the U.S., to cut off all funding to the military and give full support to the #CivilDisobedienceMovement (CDM).

Tell your U.S. Members of Congress to co-sponsor the upcoming new bill to put sanctions on the Myanmar military

The good news is that your actions have already made a difference. Thanks to your calls and emails, the Biden Administration has imposed increasing sanctions on the Myanmar military and its business interests. Under your consumer, shareholder, and social media, Chevron and Total have announced they are cutting some of their payments to the Myanmar military. That is a good start. But we need Congress and the U.S. Administration to impose sanctions that cut off all oil company to the Myanmar military.

Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) and Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-NY) have been working on a bill to sanction the junta. Will you join us in demanding Congress act?

Simply click here to email your U.S. Members of Congress today.

Join us on June 23rd

We are planning a national call to action from June 21st to the 25th. Let’s also take to the streets to demand that Congress take action to impose tough and targeted sanctions on the Myanmar military and support the #CivilDisobedienceMovement (CDM).

Please follow up your emails with phone calls to your U.S. senators and representative

Call the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 (Senate) and (202) 225-3121 (House). Ask to be connected to your senators’ and congressperson’s office. Or simply search the web for the phone number of their office in Washington, DC. (Make a note of the number for when you call again!)

  • When you reach their office, ask to be connected to the staffer responsible for foreign policy. (Before being connected, ask for the spelling of the staffer’s name and their email address.)
  • Simply tell the staffer – in person or on their voicemail – you want to see the Burma Sanctions bill introduced and that it needs their support. (Mention that the lead sponsors of the bills are Senator Ben Cardin and Representative Gregory Meeks.)
  • Leave your name, number, and city of residence to indicate that you live in the state or congressional district.
  • Follow up with an email to the staffer.
  • Email Mike Haack and tell us how your calls went. Please include the staffers’ names and contact information.

Just one email or phone call from a constituent can make a difference. Your representatives need to know that you want Congress to act. The people of Myanmar can’t wait any longer.

Recently, @Chevon and @Total announced they would cut some payments to the Myanmar military. This is a good, first step and it happened because of your actions.