Things we all can to do support the people of Myanmar

Myanmar may be far away but we can do things here to support the people there

This week, people are gathering in Washington to lobby Congress to act to help the people of Myanmar. You can learn more about what is happening this week by going here. A lot of people think that Members of Congress do not listen to their constituents. They believe that “special interests” and “fat cat lobbyists” have their ears and that the “little people” are ignored. That is simply not true.

After working on both sides of Capitol Hill, I know how important contacting your representatives in the Senate and House is. Letters, emails, phone calls from constituents are critically important when you want them to act. I saw firsthand how members reacted to the incoming messages they got from people back home.

If you go to the rally, share your experiences on your social media or on ours. You can find us at:

Sign a petition or write a letter.

We have several actions that we are circulating for the people of Myanmar.

  • The first is to President Biden to call on him to recognize the National Unity Government (NUG). We believe this is the best way to help the NUG gain legitimacy and the tools it needs to move forward. YOu can read more about that here and you can sign our petition here.
  • The second is to get Congress to introduce and pass the Burma Bill. If you cannot make it to Washington, DC (or even if you can, this is still a good idea), you can write your Senators and House representativs by going here.

Donate to the cause.

We are trying to build a movement for Myanmar. If this is something you care about, and if you can, please consider making a donation. You can learn more about our work and what your money will pay for here.

Politics has been described as “the art of the possible.” We can make the U.S. government work to support the people of Myanmar if we work together.