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We cannot thank you enough!

We’re still receiving wonderful notes and generous checks. Thanks to your gifts last month, we exceeded our goal of raising $15,000 to match the year-end donations of the Meah Family Foundation and ARC of Justice. Thank you!

Your support puts us in a good position for 2022. Let’s continue together to turn up the pressure on the Myanmar military to end its murderous rule.

Help us with the BURMA Act of 2021

In the U.S. Congress, we welcome the recent amendments on Myanmar to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). However, as Aye Thandar and Mike Haack note in their must-read piece in Myanmar Now, these NDAA amendments are no substitute for the “BURMA Act of 2021,” which authorizes aid for the democracy movement and greenlights actions targeting the junta’s sources revenue.

Later this week, we’ll re-circulate details on how you can email and call key staffers to your U.S. senators.

In the meantime, even if you’ve sent a message before, click here today to urge your U.S. senators and representative to support and co-sponsor the Burma Act of 2021.

We still need to sanction MOGE

In this new year, we will also continue to organize direct consumer, shareholder, and media pressure on the companies that fund the Myanmar military, such as the oil companies Chevron, TotalEnergies, and Posco. Halting access to oil and gas revenues would cause “significant problems” for the Myanmar junta. While sanctions on the oil industry might not instantly topple the regime, it would deprive the army of significant hard currency that currently pays for the military’s imports of weapons and fuel.

Thank you for already signing our petition to Chevron demanding that it stop funding the Myanmar military.

Please share our petition on your social media and send it to your friends using this short link: up your action by contacting Chevron directly.
Leave protest messages on the social media of Chevron and TotalEnergies. Here’s a sample message for you to adapt and post.

I will boycott you until you stop the flow of money from the Yadana Project in Myanmar to the Burmese military junta. Learn the truth about Chevron and Total in Myanmar here:

Do you want to organize a demonstration at your local Chevron office or gas station? If so, contact Mike Haack at [email protected]

Like the Coalition Against Chevron in Myanmar – Stop Paying Myanmar Military Facebook page for up-to-date news and campaign materials.

Thank so much for your time and your support. Here’s to success in 2022!