We still need to restore democracy to Myanmar

Yesterday, all across Myanmar, people took part in a “silent strike” to protest the second anniversary of the military coup. According to Myanmar Now, streets in the city of Yangon were deserted on Wednesday. Though the day was not a public holiday, little activity was seen in the commercial capital. There are reports of people staying home in more than 150 towns nationwide.

The British and Canadian governments have marked the coup anniversary by announcing measures to prevent aviation fuel reaching the Myanmar military. But inaction of the part of the United States and the European Union has allowed the Myanmar military to continue to use imported aviation fuel to launch air strikes that have devastated families and terrorized civilians.

In its report “Deadly Cargo: Exposing the Supply Chain That Fuels War Crimes in Myanmar” Amnesty International reveals the oil, shipping, and insurance companies that provide the Myanmar military with its jet fuel. Join us in taking the three actions below to force companies and governments to help end the sales of aviation fuel to the Burmese army.

Action #1.

Click here to demand that ExxonMobil stop selling jet fuel to the Myanmar military.

According to Amnesty International, ExxonMobil is linked to a vessel that onloaded fuel at ExxonMobil’s berth in Singapore and transported the fuel to Myanmar.

Action #2.

Click here to urge PetroChina end its sales of aviation fuel to the Burmese army

PetroChina International Singapore Pte Ltd shipped 13,300 tonnes of jet fuel into Myanmar in April 2021, according to government import data reviewed by Reuters.

Action #3.

Click here to tell President Biden: ban sales of aviation fuel to Myanmar Working together, we passed the BURMA Act and forced companies, including TotalEnergies and Harry Winston to end their support of the Myanmar military. Let’s use our power to help shut down the Myanmar military’s airstrikes on civilians.

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