Remembering 8/8/88

Thirty-five years ago today, the people of Myanmar stood up. We need to stand with them today.

Today marks the anniversary of the 8/8/88, democracy uprising in Burma. Students started the uprising in Yangon and the protests quickly spread throughout the country. Hundreds of thousands of students, monks, children, and people from all walks of life protested against the military government. The army moved against the democracy movement in a bloody coup on September 18th. But Burma has never been the same.

Today and for the next few weeks, we’re meeting with Members of Congress to secure more co-sponsors for these crucial resolutions on Myanmar. These meetings go better if your Members of Congress have recently heard from you. They need to know that you remember 8/8/88.

Today, urge your Members of Congress to co-sponsor and support resolutions calling on the Administration to take tougher action against the Myanmar military.

Would you like to meet your Members of Congress regarding Myanmar?

Rep. Jamie Raskin signed on as a co-sponsor of H.Res.86 after a meeting with a group of our supporters from his district. We’re seeking one or more people in each state and House district to set up similar constituent meetings. We would work with you to set up a Zoom or in-person meeting with the staff of your House Member or senators. We’d also prepare you beforehand with talking points. The goal is to let you – voters from the district – lobby your Members of Congress effectively.

We were impressed at how many people contacted us to step up. 
As a result, we’ve already set up several meetings for our our supporters with key Members of Congress.

Nothing has more impact on Members of Congress than the voice of voters from the district. If you wish to organize or just participate in a meeting with staffers of your Members of Congress, just email us at [email protected]

What is the impact of these Congressional resolutions?

In support of the people of Myanmar, our friends in Congress have introduced two bipartisan resolutions, one in the House of Representatives (H.Res.86) and the other in the Senate (S.Res.20). The resolutions condemn the Burmese military for seizing power in its February 1st, 2021, coup d’etat. More importantly, the resolutions put Congressional pressure on the Biden Administration to:

– impose sanctions on Burmese military-owned or military-controlled companies, such as Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE);

– work with the United Nations and ASEAN countries to delegitimize the military; and

– empower and assist the National Unity Government of Myanmar, the National Unity Consultative Council, the Civil Disobedience Movement, and Burmese civil society.

If you don’t have the time to meet with your Members of Congress, please follow up your message with phone calls and emails to the staff of your U.S. senators and representative.

We have a new resource to make this easier for you. We’re continually updating our online listing of key staff of every member of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. Check it out here:

Click here for a list of staff for the U.S. Senate.

Click here for a list of staff for the U.S. House.

If you have extra time, please make a phone call and follow-up email to the staff of your U.S. senators and representative. Just follow the steps below! Sometimes just one call or direct email from you can make the difference.

Action #1: make a phone call

Follow up #2: send a direct email

Click to find the names, emails, and phone numbers of key staffers to your U.S. senators and representative:

You may wish to use a succinct and direct subject line such as: “Co-sponsor the resolution condemning the Myanmar military coup”

Start your message with a mention of where you live in the state. Feel free to include a sentence or two on why you care about human rights and Myanmar in particular. Please use or adapt the following text in your email. Please blind copy (bcc) us on your email at [email protected].

I ask that you co-sponsor and support the resolution (S.Res.20) and (H.Res.86) condemning the Myanmar military coup.

Congress must show leadership in holding the Myanmar military accountable for its coup d’etat and its brutal crimes against humanity. Congress must also show support for Myanmar’s Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) and its democratic and multi-ethnic new National Unity Government of Myanmar (NUG).

Please write back and tell me if you have co-sponsored the resolution condemning the Myanmar military coup. Thank you.

Just one meeting, email, or phone call from a constituent can make a difference. Your Members of Congress need to know that you want Congress to act. The people of Myanmar can’t wait any longer.

For More Information

Click here for the text, co-sponsors, and progress of House Resolution 86

Click here for the text, co-sponsors, and progress of Senate Resolution 20

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